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Finland is a multicultural and multilingual society. A variety of languages are needed in Finnish working life. In order for students to gain the required language skills for working life they need to have studied in primary school. The freedom of choice for Finns is reduced because they have to study the mandatory Swedish language.

Language choice society's goal is to promote:

  • freedom of choice of languages in schools
  • reduction of unnecessary language demands in public service
  • national action for these issues.

The reduction of unnecessary language demands from certain tasks and responsibilities will improve the status and stimulation of immigrants.

The Society is active on these issues, follows general development in the field and gives forth statements. The society is also entitled to receive donations in order to finance its activities.

Language choice society was founded in 2007.

To become a member you can join by filling in the form.


For further information about our activity see our Activity Plan for the year 2008.